Ty Cwtch - Residential Children's Home with Nursing

Welcome to Ty Cwtch, our Residential Home at the Craig Y Parc School site

Notice: New Web Feature on Ty Cwytch coming  in Spring 2018 on the new Ambito Website. Ambito Care and Education acquired Ty Cwtch from Scope on the 29th of March 2018.

Do you think your child could be making more progress but don’t always know how or when to help them?

At our residential children’s home we make sure the children we support get the most from every experience and can find the best ways to improve their physical, cognitive and communication skills. This can be through one to one support or may include the benefit of a team of specialist staff.

About Ty Cwtch

The new residential building, Ty Cwtch opened at Easter in 2012. We were all sad to leave the grand old building which had been our home for many years, but incredibly excited to have a new purpose-built building as a home. Both students and staff had a hand in helping to shape and design the look of their new home.

Ty Cwtch can accommodate up to 16 students in two-bedded bedrooms, and all of the rooms are personalised by the students who occupy them (single occupancy is available).

We offer a variety of packages, each tailored to the individual needs of the young person. Whether you require all year accommodation or are here for short breaks, you can enjoy the same level of personalisation, interaction and choice of fun activities.


There is a comfy, cosy, television lounge with Sky TV and big sofas or P-Pods to relax in, a lovely fitted kitchen and dining area where young people can enjoy meals and snacks and work on those all-important independent life skills. Our other facilities include a sensory garden and a fully accessible greenhouse.

Leisure activities

Evenings  weekends  and non term time offer the young people in Ty Cwtch valuable time for relaxation and opportunities for a variety of leisure experiences, both scheduled and  spontaneous. 

Each young person is encouraged and supported to find out what they enjoy. These activities are fundamental to our work in supporting them to develop their identity and self-esteem.

Residential care staff work with  the young people  in the evening and  at weekends promoting self-help and communication skills, while developing leisure interests and social skills – both onsite and in the local community.

The young people who stay at Ty Cwtch also have access to all of  the school facilities.

There are lots of activities to choose from:

  • having a dip in the hydrotherapy pool
  • bouncing on the trampoline in the rebound room
  • relaxing in our Jacuzzi bath
  • chilling out in the TV room watching TV listening to music

The choices are endless.

We have several fully adapted mini buses which enable us to take part in activities in the local community and further afield, Bowling, cinema, shopping, pubs and restaurants are very popular.

Staff, training and safety

Staff receive a high level of training to enable them to offer support  for each individual. All support staff undertake Qualifications and Credit Framework in Children and Young People level 3  as a minimum standard. Some staff  achieve Level 4. All support staff have to register with the Care Council for Wales.  The training and experience staff receive ensures all young people are able to achieve their potential and pursue any interests that they enjoy.

We aspire to provide a safe, homely atmosphere, where young people are comfortable, confident and happy.

For us, it’s about more than just accommodation and personal care. Our service provides a safe and supportive environment where your child can develop their independence, build confidence and pursue their goals through an enriched curriculum.

Shopping, cinema trips and going out to meet friends are always high on the list of things to do, but the choice is really theirs. We believe children should never have limits set on their potential and we will help them make choices about their future.

Is it for your child?

Our residential children’s homes are for disabled children and young people up to 18, with a range of profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) and complex impairments, sometimes known as special needs. These include dysphagia, epilepsy, mental health needs, cerebral palsy, autism, physical impairments and learning difficulties.

Your child can stay with us on a weekly, term-time or full-time basis, and this can include schooling or Nursing if needed. They’ll be in a specially designed home, with shared social areas and a private bedroom that can be personalised so they feel at home and make new friends from the moment they arrive.


Kristian Cousins – Service Manager

Craig y Parc School

Heol y Parc

Cardiff CF15 9NB 

Tel: 02920 890397

Email: Kristian.cousins@ambitoeducation.co.uk